B250 – Lesson One Weekly Reflection

Hello. My name is Sharon Freeman. I am 33 years old and currently reside in Gilbert, Arizona. I had a blog a while ago where I used it primarily to keep track of memories with my children. I do not have any experience in keeping a personal blog. I am excited to start this journey into learning how to create a successful web-based business. This week in B250 we learned about business models and idea generation. I really liked reading over the website: http://bizthoughts.mikelee.org/brainstorming-business-ideas.html. This website covers the different ways to think up an idea for a business. The one that I resonate most with is “The Problem & Solution” method. I like the idea of being able to find a solution to everyday problems. I have begun writing down ideas as I see them. This week I will ask my co-workers for their ideas. This week in B250 we also learned about demand and competition. It was interesting to set up the Google Adwords account and then utilize it to see the difference between chess and snowboard searches on the internet. I did not know this tool existed and now that I do, I have no doubt I will use it again in the future. I enjoyed participating in the discussion boards this week because there were many points of view that I had not considered. For example, I did not consider the fact that a snow board business would probably be very seasonal. This is an important factor because then it may be smart to add another product that would be successful at other times of the year. I find myself enjoying learning the trades of online business. I did not know that I would like this class, however, it has definitely got my attention and I really look forward to the coming weeks.


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